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Adam Blumenthal has worked with innovative virtual technology since 1993. He is interested in virtual reality and has applied his talents for marketing, design and media to industries such as marketing and PR, education and the pharmaceutical industry.


From the start of his higher education career, Adam Blumenthal was interested in digital advertising. He obtained a Bachelor of Science in Radio, Television, and Digital Communication at Ithaca College. He attended this school from 1989-1993. In 1990, he discovered Virtual Reality technology and fell in love with its possibilities. In 1991, he began working as a researcher in Cornell University’s Interactive Media Lab, where he stayed until his graduation from Ithaca.


Blumenthal believes that VR technology will revolutionize many industries, including education and advertising. As the technology gains popularity, he believes it will become a tool to make these industries more engaging for viewers.

Early Career History and Timeline

Throughout his early career, Blumenthal never remained in one position for more than 3 years, choosing instead to expand his career as technology expanded. Although he admitted that VR was nowhere near ready for common use yet, Blumenthal began working with this technology as soon as he graduated college.

He got his start teaching digital design as a teaching assistant at the Kodak Center for Creative Imagining, but soon expanded into the business end of the industry. Only one year after college, he used his talent to co-found AVX Design. At this company, he also acted as a producer to start media projects for major entertainment companies such as ABC.

From the entertainment industry, Blumenthal moved back into education. Beginning in 1997, he helped the public schools in Providence, RI incorporate media and technology into their education system. He educated teachers on technology and built media labs for students.

In 2000

Blumenthal moved to New York and expanded into the marketing industry. He served in prestigious directing positions at several marketing and PR firms, including iapps, R/GA and Burson-Marsteller.

From 2005-2008

He worked with big brands such as Sony at McKinney, a firm in North Carolina.

Later Career

In 2008, Adam Blumenthal co-founded another company, Curious Sense, in Providence. He remained there in an executive producer capacity until 2019. He also began to work in digital advising to follow his passion for technological innovation. He spent 2017-2019 as a Chief Digital Officer with Optimity Advisors.

Curious Sense

Blumenthal co-founded this company primarily for advertising. He developed innovative new interactive media digital products for companies in diverse industries. He began with pharma and health insurance companies but then expanded into other industries with companies such as Mattel, National Geographic, Duke University and several record labels.

Return to Education

Despite his work with marketing and media companies, Blumenthal never fully abandoned his passion for bringing media to education. In 2016, he obtained positions at Brown University as a Professor of the Practice of Computer Science and as a Virtual Reality Artist-in-Residence. Through these positions, he aims to not only educate his students in the study of computer science and media, but also help them engage in other areas of their education. One of his projects with the school is the digitization of pre-Revolutionary War history to help students have a more interactive experience with their learning.

Unit 9 and Nucco Brain

Blumenthal has been very involved with Unit 9 in London. He has served as a learning experiences specialist there since 2019 and also became Vice President of another Unit 9 company, Nucco Brain. This studio works mainly with innovative technology to create virtual content based on stories. They target the studio at companies and educators to create improved marketing and more engaging academic lessons.


Blumenthal has dedicated many of his projects to academia and health care. In 2014-2015, he mainly focused on digital health. His first project in this area was a game program that adults struggling with chronic illness could use and enjoy. He also created a simulation for training pharmaceutical scientists through a role-play game.

His projects at Brown University included a 2016 VR retelling of the Gaspee Affair, a historical event in 1772. The Rhode Island Historical Society used this project, and he sent it to middle and high schools to see if it would engage them.


Blumenthal has received many honors, including being asked to speak on numerous panels as a panelist or keynote speaker. He has also attended White House events and was a finalist for the Coca-Cola Virtual World Design Competition.