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Adam Blumenthal is the sitting Chairman of Everblu Capital, a family-owned financial advisory in Sydney. He has a decade-old experience in investment banking and corporate finance field; he ushers listed as well as unlisted companies into the capital markets of Australia. He is also keen on giving marketing and public relations advice to companies. Additionally, the enterprises get broad publicity and access due to their popularity in the International capital markets.

Mr. Blumenthal has ventured into other fields of investment besides his area of expertise. He is a board member of companies specialised in cannabis production and agricultural production. Furthermore, he is a celebrated liberty fundraiser in Sydney.

Early life & Family

Adam's father, Alvin Blumenthal, is a commerce lawyer with over 25 years of capital stock market expertise. He is the co-founder and wealth advisor to Everblu Capital Ltd. He has advised more than 50 public companies in the ASX. He also has exemplary distribution skills, having held institutional and private sales jobs.

Darrin Blumenthal is Mr. Blumenthal's older brother with over 15 years' experience in banking and finance. He advised close to $10 billion merger transactions and funding acquisition. Additionally, Darrin boasts skills in business management and information technology. He works as part of Everblu's executive team with his brother.

Career & Education

Adam started his higher education at Moriah College. He went onto to Curtin University in 2003 for a bachelor of commerce (BCOM) in accounting and finance. His master's degree in international relations and business administration (management and strategy) was at Griffin University and Australian Catholic University (2007).

Adam is a proud member of the Australian Stockbrokers Association.

Adam Blumenthal, Everblu Capital

In 2005, Adam became a stockbroker at Findlay Stockbrokers. He was also a SEATS operator, addressed risk and compliance as well as an attendee at the foreign exchange desk. In 2008, Adam joined InvestFirst Securities, a company that provided the support and advised public companies listed in the ASX. Over this period, he played a role in over 18 IPOs across Asia, Europe, Africa, and the US. He built an international client base and sourced global opportunities for various companies' financing.

In 2010, Adam became a guest lecturer in undergraduate and postgraduate learning at the Australian Catholic University. He taught corporate governance, financial markets, and ASX listings. Between 2011 and 2016, he became the executive director of EH Corporation LTD, MOV Corporation LTD, and APP Securities LTD. All of the above companies deal with investment banking and corporate finance.

In 2015, Adam became a board member for Pursuit Minerals Ltd in Queensland projects in the Mt Isa super basin. In 2017, he was also a Jon- executive member for Bronson Group Ltd.

With the CresoPharma Company becoming listed by ASX in 2016, Adam became one of its non- executive members. In the same year, he also became Roots Sustainable Technologies Limited's non-executive directors.

Since 2017, he is Everblu's chairman in Sydney. The company has a reputation for churning the capital markets for the listed and unlisted companies in Australia. These companies hence connect with investors and shareholders at a faster rate than expected.

Contributions and Achievements

In the investment banking and finance markets, his previous contacts at the stock market have greatly aided his global journey. His incredible achievements in advising and lobbying finances for new companies in the Australia market precede him. He stands as a revolutionary in this field with close to 20 IPO successes stories under his wing.

As alumni of the Australian Catholic University, he is an inspiration for the education scene. Moreover, he was a guest lecturer at the University; he imparted some of his field skills such as ASX listing.

He has also been an integral part of cannabis Sativa based health care. As a non-executive member of the cannabis production company CresoPharma, he has pushed for the legalisation of medical marijuana in Australia, the UK, and Israel. The company's product cannaQIX50 sells to patients in Brazil and Switzerland.

In mining Adam through Everblu, has advised the ASX listed company Pursuit minerals on trading and financing. The company focuses on mineral exploration and project development through advancing projects in copper and zinc in Australian metal provinces.

In agriculture, Mr. Blumenthal has personally taken part in improving farming technologies for mass production. He is the non-executive director of Roots Sustainable Agricultural Technologies Ltd. Roots have dedicated their resources to the production of tomatoes, flowers, and other agricultural produce. In an agricultural-focused country like Australia, this is a societal contribution to food security and commerce.

In international relations, the former scholar of the discipline has connected countries such as Canada, Australia, Switzerland, and Israel on issues of legalising pharmaceutical-based cannabis Sativa intake. He has a strong affiliation with societies in these regions. For instance, he is a member of the Israeli Business Club Sydney. He is an adamant supporter of Israeli innovation and has lived in Israel for some time.

In the field of information and technology, Everblu worked with Live tiles. Live tiles are a firm that is committed to artificial intelligence. It has partnered with Microsoft to introduce AI in the Australian military and government. The company was publicised and garnered milestone achievements because of Adam's involvement.

Community Involvement

As a strong supporter of Israeli innovation and having previously lived in Israel, Adam is now a proud member of the Israel Business Club Sydney (IBCS). The club was established to support and encourage the creation of business and social contacts between members and Israeli companies operating in the Australian market in general and Sydney in particular.