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Early life

Adam Blumenthal grew up in New York City. He attended the city's Stuyvesant High School. Also known as Stuy, the institution is a magnet school that offers students accelerated tracks toward a college preparatory diploma.

Career and Education

Upon graduating from high school, Blumenthal went on to attend the prestigious Harvard University. The Ivy League school is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After receiving his undergraduate degree with magna cum laude honors, Adam Blumenthal went on to acquire an M.B.A. from the School of Management at Yale in 1989. During his collegiate career, he began a brief career in working as a community organizer.

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After completing his college studies, Blumenthal started a 13-year career with American Capital, a company that specializes in private equity and the management of global assets. During his time with the company, he oversaw more than $1 billion worth of investments. American Capital also went public on NASDAQ with the ticker, ACAS. While working for American Capital, he sat on the company's board of directors. He also held various leadership positions. Blumenthal served as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and also President and Vice-Chairman.

Upon leaving ACAS in 2002, he went on to work as the chief financial officer for the city of New York's comptroller office. While working for his hometown, the city's pension funds grew from $65 billion to $85 billion in only three years. As First Deputy Comptroller and Chief Financial Officer, he oversaw capital markets assets, the city's debt issuances, and New York City retirement assets.

He began his current career with Blue Wolf Capital Partners LLC in 2005 as the company's founder. Today he serves as the organization's managing partner. The company specializes in securing private equity money which is used for investing in middle-market companies. Blue Wolf is situated in New York City just steps away from Wall Street and the World Trade Center. Nestled within the epicenter of the global economy, his company oversees more than $1.2 billion in investments.

When it comes to board involvement, Blumenthal has a diverse and strong portfolio of involvement. He is a member of the board of directors for six companies that are affiliated with Blue Wolf. Those companies are Channel Technlogies Group LLC., Finch Paper Holdings LLC, Gloucester Engineering Co., Inc., Pharmaceutical Strategies Group LLC, Suwannee Lumber Co., and Twin Rivers Paper Company.

Community Involvement and Philanthropy

He has volunteered his time working as a board member for Yale University. In 2004, he began a three-year tenure on Yale's SOM’s Board of Advisors. Today, Blumenthal sits on Yale's Advisory Board for the International Center for Finance. His post-graduate involvement with his alma mater hasn't been limited to board involvement. In 2009, he was annoucned a Donaldson Fellow with the Yale SOM. He has been involved with other educational institutions. He helped form and fund the Adam Blumenthal Fellowship which is part of the Rutgers University School of Management and Labor Relations.

He also serves on boards with various community organizations. He has been both chairperson and a trustee for the Community Service Society of New York and the Nathan Cummings Foundation. Blumenthal also has donated his time and talent to serving the United Auto Workers. For the UAW, he was chair of the UAW VEBA Investment committee from 2011 to 2017.