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Adam Blumenthal is the self-described “Chief Paint Officer” and owner of Now You’re Finished!, a small studio that focuses on providing high-quality paint jobs for bicycle frames and components. Now You’re Finished! is a PPG Delton Certified business based in Madison, Wisconsin. Blumenthal has a deep passion for everything bicycle-related, and he has a background in bike racing. In addition, he is an avid artist outside of his business, and he draws, paints, and creates various projects in his free time. While running his business, Adam is able to combine his passion for art and his love for cycling.


After graduating from high school, Adam Blumenthal attended the University of Florida starting in 1985. He studied Painting and Advertising Design, eventually graduating with a BFA in 1989. During his time in college, Blumenthal became involved in bicycle racing.


Blumenthal gained experience in the bicycle industry by working as a certified tech for REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) in Seattle. As a certified tech, Adam managed REI’s bicycle shop and rental department, including its inventory of parts, tools, and supplies. He was confronted with bikes of all different models and brands, and he learned how to repair them all. He also developed a keen understanding of new bicycle assembly. During his time with REI, Blumenthal also supported its legal, R&D, photo studio, and quality assurance teams.

After leaving REI, Blumenthal became the Operations Manager for Clean Republic LLC, a distributor of alternate energy products such as electric bikes, solar water heaters, and wind turbines. Clean Republic also focuses on providing its customers with high-quality kits made in the USA rather than cheap knock-offs from international sources.

Adam Blumenthal departed Clean Republic LLC in 2016 and started Now You’re Finished! that year. The company specializes in custom paint jobs for bicycle frames of all types, and the goal is to provide the same level of care and precision that one might expect from an automotive paint shop. Both old and new bike frames are accepted for detailing, and Blumenthal often works hand in hand with custom frame builders to provide customers with a desired finished product. The company can also provide customers with a more simplistic and protective paint job if aesthetics is not a primary concern.

In 2020, Adam Blumenthal announced on his Facebook page that he had moved his business from Seattle to Madison, Wisconsin.