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Adam Blumenthal is a lighting designer based out of New York and Los Angeles. Blumenthal is mostly known for his lighting work in the world of theatre, and he has worked on a number of notable stage productions in L.A. and New York - including Broadway shows.

He also provides lighting design work for commercials. Outside of lighting design, Adam is an experienced scenic designer. In addition, Blumenthal is a professional magician and the current owner of Tannen’s Magic Shop, the oldest professional magic shop in New York City.


Adam Blumenthal graduated from the Dalton School, a college preparatory school on the Upper East Side of New York City. The Dalton School is a member of the Ivy Preparatory School League. After graduating, Blumenthal attended the University of Southern California. He studied Theatrical Design and eventually earned a BFA in 2007.

Even after graduating from the University of Southern California, Adam returned to his alma mater to assist with a range of productions, including the play City of Angels directed by John Rubinstein and designed by Don Llewellyn. For this 2011 production, Blumenthal acted as assistant scenic director.


Before Adam had even graduated from the University of Southern California, he had already established his own company called Adam Blumenthal Theatrical Designs back in 2005. As the owner and operator of this company, Adam provides freelance lighting and scenic design for various forms of live entertainment, including theatre, dance, concerts, magic shows, and more.

Two years prior to the establishment of this Adam Blumenthal Theatrical Designs, he became the owner of Tannen’s Magic Shop in 2003. The store was originally founded in 1925 by Louis Tannen, a legendary magician and “magic dealer” who established quite a reputation during his 73-year lifetime in New York City. Louis Tannen published dozens of “how-to” magic books, and education was a major focus for this entrepreneur.

Today, Blumenthal continues Louis Tannen’s legacy with a focus on education at his store. The store sells plenty of magic-related merchandise, but there’s also an emphasis on magic camps for kids, as well as virtual magic training courses that individuals can take online.

In 2007, Blumenthal became the lighting and scenic designer for the Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, a Los Angeles-based theatre group. During his time working with this group, he participated in the production of plays such as The Arsonists and The Adding Machine, both of which were directed by Ron Sossi. During this period, he also collaborated with the Playwright’s Arena on various plays directed by Jon Lawrence Rivera. In 2008, he worked on the premiere of the musical Pazzazz! at the Granada Theater in Santa Barbara.

Adam stopped working with Odyssey in 2011 and in 2012 he acted as lighting designer for the world premiere of Cages, which directed by Rivera. He would collaborate once again with Jon Lawrence Rivera for the play Tea With Music through L.A.’s East West Players. Blumenthal then returned to New York City in order to work alongside Jules Fisher as an associate lighting designer on the play Max Maven Thinking In Person, directed by Sandy Marshall.

Throughout the rest of the year, Blumenthal worked as a lighting designer on a number of other plays in Los Angeles, including The Government Inspector, The Snake Can, and Nothing To Hide - the latter of which was directed by Neil Patrick Harris. He finished off a busy year when he acted as the lighting designer for the 44th Annual Academy of Magic Arts Awards Show at the Orpheum Theater. He performed the same role for the 45th Annual Academy of Magic Arts Awards Show in 2013.

Throughout the next few years, Adam worked on a number of notable theatre productions, including Frank Oz’s In & Of Itself at the Daryl Roth Theater, Jon Lawrence Rivera’s Bonded, Ron Sossi’s The Chicago Conspiracy Trial, and Elina de Santos’ Proof. In New York City, Blumenthal has worked with theatre companies such as St. Ann’s Warehouse, Joe’s Pub, The Kitchen, and The Theatre at St. Clements. In Los Angeles, he has worked on plays and live events performed at the Kodak Theater, the Geffen Playhouse, and the Los Angeles Theater Center.

Due to his experience with magic, Adam Blumenthal often acts as a magic consultant for various plays, such as Catch Me If You Can. Outside of live events and performances, Adam Blumenthal provides lighting work for commercials and ad campaigns for products like Amazon’s Alexa device, Polk Audio’s Command Bar. He also worked as a lighting designer for Nike’s 2020 Instagram campaign.